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Home Improvement: Home Expansion With Build An Attic


When Expansion Area Home Already Impossible, Build an Attic!


Increasing the number of family members is a reason to add some space. When the expansion of space, both horizontally and vertically can not be done, use all the space under the roof or commonly called the attic.
In this case, the attic area could be used as a bed and lounge. However, to apply it, there are things that must be met?


  • The roof has high enough.


Roof height into consideration. With a height of 2.4 meter, for example, is calculated from a point above the ceiling to the bottom point of the roof frame, is enough. But for children, 2 meter also can be used to create a new room.


  • The heat should be minimized.


Lucky if your house facing north-south, so you can break down the walls to be converted into glass windows that can be opened and closed. This window serves to enter the light and make the air circulation under the roof runs smoothly. Next, attach additional insulation in the roof. For heat insulation you can put aluminum foil, glass wool or polyurethane, just below the battens and tile layer. For tiles you can choose tiles that can reduce heat.


  • Has the strength to withstand additional expenses.


In addition to height, construction of buildings and roofs walls are things that need attention.
Staircase as access. The laying of the ladder as access to the space under the roof becomes an important point. Good access should be safe and convenient.


  • Floor Material Must Lightweight.


Use the wood as a material floor because its weigh quite light compared to other materials. However, prior to installation, you should give anti-termite and coated.


Tips to renovate the roof of the house into the attic


Shape of the roof on the building houses in Europe or in Asia has a triangular shape with a sloping field. The sloping roof serves to drain snow or rain immediately fell to the ground. Additionally during the summer, the space under the roof has a function as heat insulation.


Because of the limited land, the space under the roof is commonly called the attic used as additional space for activities. Some space below can be placed on the attic.


Generally create a cozy attic widely used as storage or warehouse space. This is because attic has a low height so it is not convenient to indulge. But in terms of storage should also be aware of the layout of the goods to make it look neat and beautiful. Because if not, then the attic storage space will only become messy, dirty and dusty. Beside, to place goods with proper will also maximize the attic area that limited.


attic area can also be used as an extra bedroom. Usually for child`s room, because the roof is too low is not problem for children who have not reached the maximum height. The use of any type of bed or mattress and closet should not be too big, because it can take a space that makes the room will seem cramped. The use of neutral colors or white light in the room will also add to the spacious impression of the area.


Other attic utilization can also be used as a den or office. It lies in the highest areas of a house, will make the workspace has its own sensation. With a position at an altitude can provide an atmosphere of tranquility. By laying a table and chairs styled and not use material that is too heavy it will create a comfortable working space.


Actually there are a lot of space that could be created in attic areas such as for worship, or even a library. but you need to consider several things to make attic into a useful and comfortable space that mentioned before.


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Think About This Before Taking Mortgages

By obtaining an overview of the housing market with proper, you can start to do a survey of the facilities offered by the existing mortgage product providers.

Thus, you can know that the funds need to be prepared to access mortgage facilities, which consist of advances and repayments as well as interest.

In choosing the right mortgage product you should look at several things, include the reputation of the institution mortgage providers, facility interest rates, the benefits of the services and assistance offered when mortgage runs, such as whether or not a penalty if done early repayment, administrative costs and other ,

It is important before applying for mortgages, is the readiness and commitment of funds you remember the tenor generally lasting dozens to tens of years. You need to set up payment (down payment) generally amounting to 20-30 percent of the price of the house and the rest in installments over a tenor.

Preparation before applying for mortgage funds need to be planned far in advance, can save or start investing. Because it requires a lot of funds.

Besides that need to be considered in choosing a mortgage is,

(1) Interest mortgages,

(2) Interest Floating,

(3) Cost of provisioning and administration, and

(4) if the early repayment penalty fee,

Whether there are regular and roughly how much it will cost. Careful planning and readiness You are very important to realize the desire to have a dream home.